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Izakaya Dishes, Japanese Flavors

Izakaya is a type of Japanese pub/drinking joint where people can relax, enjoy delicious food and drink different kinds of alcohol, in this instance, sake, or umeshu. Reika has just successfully completed food tasting sessions of new additional dishes to complement the drink list. The new menu is very diverse and attractive, with many typical dishes with rich flavors.

Along with the Happy Hours of 1 for 1 cocktail everyday, it’s a good time to enjoy yourselves after work or play.

We’re sure you’ll love this restaurant as much as we do, and there’s even a Happy Hour Cocktail session everyday. Just come on in anytime between 5:30PM and 7:30PM, bring your friends and try out our 1 for 1 cocktails, from the aptly named Whisky Highball to new stuff like Umetini (Umeshu + Martini) and even Soya Sochu.

Stay tuned for more introduction on our dishes as well as what goes on inside the kitchen!