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Kick Your Appetite Up A Notch Our Delicious Grilled Spicy Cheese Scallops

If you’re looking for an appetizer that will get your friends talking, then these grilled spicy cheese scallops are the perfect choice. Not only do they look stunning on the plate, but they also taste divine – with a hint of smoke and a kick of spice. Discover why it’s one of Reika’s bestsellers!

When it comes to scallops, most people think of them as being a simple, mild-tasting seafood. But did you know that scallops can actually be quite flavorful? And when they’re grilled with spicy cheese, they’re even more delicious!

If you love cheese and you love spice, then grilled spicy cheese scallops at Reika are the perfect appetizer for you! The sharpness of the cheese pairs perfectly with the heat of the spices, bringing out a really satisfying taste to the scallops.

Most of our dishes and skewers goes along well with our cocktails or a glass of umeshu, but the spicy cheese scallops are a real hit with everyone as it’s easy to try and gets you in the mood for more!