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Reika – Casual Izakaya and Yakitori

Yakitori and Izakaya are two words that mean “grilled food” and “Japanese bar.” They are very popular in Japan because they are easy to eat with your hands and have a lot of sauces. If you have never tried Yakitori before, it’s like getting an appetizer at a restaurant: it’s a small bite but has lots of flavor. People usually order this type of food when they want something different from their normal dinner.

Reika Izakaya and Skewer in Saigon is the perfect place to enjoy some of the finest yakitori with Umeshu in all of Saigon!

Although the majority of our customers are Vietnamese, we also attract small groups of foreigners who are familiar with Japanese cuisine. At Reika, we offer a variety of yakitori skewers, including chicken thigh, wings, liver and even tails!

The most popular item on the menu is the spicy cheese scallop, which is grilled with a special cheese that gives it a mildly spicy flavor.

We source ingredients from local markets and fisheries and prefers to use organic chickens as the quality of the chickens makes a big difference in the taste of the yakitori. In addition to yakitori, we also offer Japanese-style salads and sides such as miso soup, potato salads as well as various fusion pastas and fried rice.

We’re sure you’ll love this restaurant as much as we do, and there’s even a Happy Hour Cocktail session everyday. Just come on in anytime between 5:30PM and 7:30PM, bring your friends and try out our 1 for 1 cocktails, from the aptly named Whisky Highball to new stuff like Umetini (Umeshu + Martini) and even Soya Sochu.

Stay tuned for more introduction on our dishes as well as what goes on inside the kitchen!